brave new world

So Aldous writes this as a follow up essay to his prophetic fable of a utopian world called a brave new world. He scrutinizes threats to humanity, such as overpopulation, propaganda, and chemical persuasion, and explains why we have found it virtually impossible to avoid them. The most captivating part for me is the analysis on how many are likely to lost their power to individualistic thought without even knowing. He explains this with the difference between a crowd and a group:

“Groups are capable of being as moral and intelligent as the individuals who form them; crowd is chaotic, has no purpose of its own, and is capable of anything except intelligent action and realistic thinking. Assembled in a crowd, people lose their powers of reasoning and their capacity of moral choice. Their suggestibility is increased to the point where they cease to have any judgment or will of their own. They become very excitable, they lose all sense of individual or collective responsibility, they are subject to sudden accesses of rage, enthusiasm and panic. In a word, a man in a crowd behaves as though he had swallowed a large dose of some powerful intoxicants. He is a victim of what I have called ‘herd-poisoning’. Like alcohol, herd-poison is an active, extraverted drug. The crowd-intoxicated individual escapes from responsibility, intelligence and morality into a kind of frantic, animal mindlessness”

Where there has been herd-poisoning? Can the people ever take charge of their lives? From these thoughts, I believe successful nations are built by groups with focus on nations transformation not by crowds that could be cajoled by any dictator for his purpose. This strategy of herd-poisoning and causing division among the people is still actively used by political parties today. It calls for sober reflections for us to consider if we have lost our rights to individualistic thoughts, do we evaluate our decisions on an individual levels before joining crowds in campaign or protest. This made me even consider too, are the political parties in my country Nigeria a group or a crowd?

Another thing that struck me in reading this was on subconscious persuasion, persuasion to act in a particular way through information passed passively into our subconscious from the environment, it is a sought of programming by the information or situation in our environment. Today, the media, music, books, movies, adverts are being used for subconscious persuasion, but are we conscious enough to take back our lives? For example, sexual immorality is rampant today because all of our media has become sexualized. Another practical example for me is what we face in my country Nigeria today, only few know that the environment has programmed them. Majority hardly believe in starting new things, they hardly believe in leaving their comfort zones, because the environment has failed us again and again, governments have failed us again and again, there is little hope for tomorrow because today doesn’t look like the hope we had yesterday. What should the average Nigerian do knowing this? He has to take back his “life” and take responsibility for his failures.

Aldoux also predicted a substance known as “soma” to be used for chemical persuasion to keep the populace weakened too. Lots of substances have come close to this though, chief of which is marijuana and cigarettes. Does it not bother anyone in the world today that cigarette is silent killer but yet it is still being sold across the world? Well, we’d see where the world goes from here.

In conclusion, let us be more observant, check well if you have been “programmed” in this brave new world, change your thoughts and take charge of your life and I’d gladly recommend this beautiful piece by Aldoux Huxley to anyone.

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Nigeria has become like a room filled with debris and four people therein. Two of them argue about who put the debris there, One kept looking for what to eat in the debris, while the last one was left alone struggling to clear the dirts. Is this not where we find ourselves today as a nation? Nigerians have filled the social media space with arguments and all sorts of insinuations about what group or individual started Nigeria’s problems. In the midst of all these, some in their selfishness still work day and night to milk the nation dry finding what they would “eat” in the midst of this debris, indeed service to the nation has become the only means of livelihood for many. It turns out that only a few, very few have truly had a nationalistic view and put the nation first in every way.

It is clear from this parable that the cleanup would have been faster if everyone joined hands in the room to remove the dirt. With the arguments ongoing, some have even called for a dissolution of the union calling it a “forced marriage” but it becomes obvious from this parable that bringing down the house does not save anyone of them or clean the house either. Suffice it to say, it seems we are not paying attention to our evolution as a people. Families have become intertwined today across tribal and religious lines. Dissolving the union across any of these lines is tantamount to breaking families which is hardly possible. We have Muslims having Christian children and vice versa, Yoruba’s married to Igbos, Igbos married to Hausa and Hausa’s married to Yoruba. The best solution remains in looking past our differences and working together in unity to move this nation forward. Our problems are bigger than one of us but not bigger than all of us when we join hands together from every region to move Nigeria forward.

The Northern part of the country has been like a food basket of the nation, thriving so much in agricultural productivity, the Eastern part of the country thrives in innovative technology and hence the first homemade car has started earnestly in this region of the country, the Southern part holds the most important natural resource of the nation and has been a main stay for the nation after the nation’s agricultural boom, the Western part is the bedrock of the nation’s education which is a major key to the survival of any nation and hosts unarguably the best citadel’s of learning in the nation today. These strengths show interdependence as clearly one cannot be without the other even though there are many other strengths that each of these different regions hold. Nigerians must see the strength in their nation and these if well harnessed with appropriate synergy can make our nation become the greatest nation in the world in the near future.

Every Nigerian must take up the responsibility to put Nigeria first, the longer we take to unite and negotiate our collective destiny, the longer it would take for us to enjoy the prosperity that comes with unity. I still believe there are “pan-Nigerians” in the North that believe religion is not by compulsion and I believe there are also some in the South that believe the wealth in any part of Nigeria is the common wealth of all peoples of Nigeria. The lower class must realize that some in the political class, are happy when we are divided amongst ourselves, looting does not know the name of any party, tribe or religion. We must harness our strengths and let them speak louder than our differences, everyone must lend a voice to unite Nigeria. We must drop hate, bitterness, unforgiveness and every negativity that only leads to retrogression. In the immortal words of Martin Luther King Junior, “We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools”. We must do all it takes to quench the voice of the naysayers and reignite that “pan-Nigerian” spirit in our country to defend her unity and uphold her honor and glory so help us God.

On a final note, a word of advice to Mr. President on security as there have been some flashpoints for security concerns of recent, some groups campaigning to radicalize the people against the Nigerian state. We cannot allow this to fester but we must be careful not to make same mistake we made in nipping the Boko haram issue in the bud at the early stages. You do not uproot a tree by cutting the leaves but by taking out the root from the ground. The leaders of such radical groups take advantage of root problems of illiteracy, poverty, idleness and inequality. My advice Mr. President is that you do your best in desensitizing the populace, who are the foot soldiers and ready recruits for these bandits, the people must first see that the government is ready to ameliorate their sufferings and then leaders of such groups would have no recruits and can easily be taken down and tried by a court of competent jurisdiction.

May God bless Our Leaders

May God bless the people of Nigeria

May God bless Nigeria

As much as I believe leadership has some influence on people and with the new crop of leaders that just emerged in Nigeria, I still believe there is little to expect if citizens do not play their role.

One area I believe we must nurture now and harness strongly, is a generation standing out with BOLD IDEAS. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple,Windows etc etc are all BOLD IDEAS of American citizens and not the government.

Youths must learn to key themselves into packaging,branding,learning and relearning to generate BOLD IDEAS…it is possible,some in Nigeria are already raising their heads high in this regard and I believe many more can emerge.

This is the next generation,I hope to see in Nigeria..A generation with BOLD IDEAS…Nations don’t develop on politics but ideas

God bless Nigeria

I have made up my mind to never complain about anything.I observed that complaints always see what should have been, what other people did wrong and makes me continue to believe how weak I am to change my situation. Loosers complain,winners believe and take action.

Complaints weakens and clouds every possibility. It’d rather see the one wrong around 999 possibilities. When the time to think and take action is used for complaints, failure is inevitable.
Instead of complain:
1) Ask questions about how to make things better
2) Think about,what are the possibilities of moving forward?
3) How am I working towards my goal or purpose?
4) What lessons can I learn and move on?
5) Be still, sometimes you really can’t do anything except be still (Ps. 46:10)
So, look for the possibilities and start moving forward.

Believe Always
God bless You dear friend



“Four things on earth are small, yet they are extremely wise: …….a lizard(spider) can be caught with the hand,yet it is found in kings’ palaces” Prov. 30:24,28

Please just make sure you read this to the end. I strongly believe that something would change about you after reading this.

What is it that man could learn from a Spider? What was it Agur, son of Jakeh saw that made him make this statement?  Some versions of the bible use spider why others use lizard. Either way, there is something there for man to learn.

Now the first point to note is – The weakness of the Spider: It could easily be killed.

The next point: – It overlooks this weakness: It is present even in King’s palaces.


The wisdom here is that despite the weakness of the spider, it doesn’t confine or limit itself to the places it can be. It is found in King’s palaces! It may even be around you now if you check carefully.  This creature is indeed small and could easily be killed but then it just keeps acting as if it doesn’t even know or care. The weakness is present but yet the creature seems blind to it. If it looked at it’s weakness, then the spider may never exist on earth because even the wind could get it blown away! There is a lesson here for you and me:

“Don’t let your weaknesses determine your limits”

A lot of us today have remained where we are all because we focus so much on our weakness but the wisdom for today demands that you look beyond your weakness and build your strengths to achieve greater heights. If you must go far in life, you must be ready to overlook your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

“The greatest men today are not those that had no weaknesses but those that developed their strengths most”

If I ask you the weaknesses of President Obama today, you may never be able to state any but I believe you’d know a lot of his strengths.

If you want to be a musician, your weakness maybe that you think you really do not have a good voice, why not start by building your strength of writing songs?

If you want to be Public speaker, your weakness maybe that you are afraid of crowds, why not start by writing all you think you could speak of in a book?

If you want to be an evangelist, your weakness could be you really do not know how to start that conversation when you enter a bus, why not start by first distributing tracts?

If you want to be an engineer, your weakness maybe that you really do not get things fast, why not build on your strength of being able to read for longer hours so you could understand more?

If you want to become a global fashion designer, your weakness now maybe cash or the opportunities to sell abroad, why not start by getting all the information you need on fashion?

You cannot continue to look down on who you can be. If you talk to a successful man and an unsuccessful man today, you’d discover that they both had similar troubles or weaknesses but the successful man never allowed his weaknesses deter him. I’ve not seen a great man that has two heads, they all have one head or have you seen any? Ok let me give you another wisdom that is also true in life:

“Empty pockets have never stopped anyone, only empty heads and empty hearts”

How can you be a King and live like a servant if not for lack of wisdom? How can you be an ambassador of heaven and live like an ambassador of your earthly family if not for the fact that you keep looking at all the weaknesses around you and not the strength you could draw from above? You want to succeed in life but you keep filling your head with all the things you cannot do rather than all you could possibly do now. You keep looking for that glorious tomorrow and forget to start with the gift of today. One principle that is universally true and would help you in life:

“Developing your strengths would silence your weaknesses”

So I urge you my dear friend to overlook your weaknesses and take action to become who God has created you to be. God does not make inferior goods; He created you of the highest quality and deposited in you all you need to succeed in life. Go into life like a SPIDERMAN!

ImageOnce upon a time, when we were primary school students, we wished we got into secondary school then that came and we had a new dream of becoming university students and later on to become graduates and the cycle just goes on and on. So also, the people we admire in our society today were once like us having hopes and dreaming having friends they discussed with and today they are at the top with their friends achieving dreams they once hoped for.

As you read this now, I know you got a lot of dreams in your head. It only takes time and you’d soon be there in that place that you are currently hoping for. As you hope, also move into taking action today. Mike Murdock once said “The secret to your future lies in your daily routine”. It only takes time before we’d be talking one day about the things we did now. On that day, would you be rejoicing or would you be regretting. It’s not only time that separates today from tomorrow, the work you put into today would also make a difference and determine how fast that tomorrow you always wanted would come. Imagine a boy that slept for maybe 24hrs while some other guy was reading and acquiring information for that same 24hrs of time. The first would wake up 24hrs later just being who he was before he went to bed except if maybe he gets a revelation in a dream which is most unlikely but the other becomes not just who he was before 24hrs but also “24hrs wiser” than the former boy. Time passes and we just age passively because we really can’t do anything about time but our growth and development towards our goals is an active process that we can do so much about now.
Sometimes we get weak because of our mistakes of yesterday or we get so carried away with fears of what tomorrow may bring or even just boasting about tomorrow. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to come but tomorrow would only manifest the strength you put into today. Put your best in today’s assignment, enough of the day dreaming and all the blame games, let us decide today to take responsibility for what we’d become tomorrow. The truth is, some may not believe in your dreams but let time be your defender. Prove that you have a dream by bringing it alive in reality. It takes time, it takes time but that’s still just some time away from now.

Words are simple but it takes a lot of strength to truly be patient because when you talk of time then you need patience. Times may come that could make you no longer believe in your goal but develop that inner strength of patience that would make you say “I must make it wisely!”. The great men you see around today had times when they started small. You are no longer where you used to be yesterday and you won’t be where you are now tomorrow. A point to ponder though, that you must make it does not mean you become too desperate to achieve success and start looking for short cuts. Short cuts only cut life short, no success happens by accident or is sudden; Success comes by wise planning, understanding and patience.

I encourage you to keep doing right, take the life one step at a time, be strong, be patient, keep fighting for that goal because if you really put your heart into it, you’d never quit so easily!!!

Action Step:

Make another step today towards achieving your goal and be patient till you see your goal accomplished.

An agent once contacted a very famous singer, ” I would like to invite you to a concert here in New York. You would sing with Elvis Presley and many other famous singers.” The famous singer jumps on the other side of the phone and shouts, “I will accept with only one condition.” “What would that be?” asks the agent. “Well, I have always competed against Elvis Presley. I have never beaten him. I would like to beat him this time. I would like to make one dollar more than he is making for this concert. If you refuse, I won’t do it.”

The agent excitedly says, “That should be no problem.” A week after the concert the famous singer gets his paycheck. He gets a one dollar paycheck. Elvis Presley was doing the concert for charity and was making no money. Beware of competing against the wrong crowd.

-Told by Dr. Robert Gilbert.
Success is not about being better than someone else but rather about being our best in what we do. A competitive spirit could usually graduate into jealousy. Most times, we could perform below our best when we compete with the wrong crowd or we could develop inferiority complex or a low self esteem when another person’s success becomes our standard to measure success.

What if the lion thinks that making of cow milk is what success is, it would definitely try and try but never achieve success. We only need to learn from and be happy with/for those that have achieved success in their own areas and then we could apply the lessons to our own path. Success is personal and life would become easier and a lot better when we can understand that we run our own race and only seek for ways to be better than ourselves. Set your goals not limiting yourself based on what others could not achieve, you are unique and you can achieve your set goal even if no one ever did it. So, do not let history write your story. Only learn from history and rewrite history with your story. It doesn’t matter whether someone else has done it better than you, don’t be discouraged because its not how long it takes you that matters but whether you conquer your own mountain. Activate that success in you and bring your mountains down because your success is personal. The only person you must try to do better than is the person you were yesterday.

 Action Step:

Check for areas in your life where you have felt inferior because of other people’s success or areas where you have limited yourself because of other people’s failure. Put in your best in all you do today.