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Nigeria has become like a room filled with debris and four people therein. Two of them argue about who put the debris there, One kept looking for what to eat in the debris, while the last one was left alone struggling to clear the dirts. Is this not where we find ourselves today as a nation? Nigerians have filled the social media space with arguments and all sorts of insinuations about what group or individual started Nigeria’s problems. In the midst of all these, some in their selfishness still work day and night to milk the nation dry finding what they would “eat” in the midst of this debris, indeed service to the nation has become the only means of livelihood for many. It turns out that only a few, very few have truly had a nationalistic view and put the nation first in every way.

It is clear from this parable that the cleanup would have been faster if everyone joined hands in the room to remove the dirt. With the arguments ongoing, some have even called for a dissolution of the union calling it a “forced marriage” but it becomes obvious from this parable that bringing down the house does not save anyone of them or clean the house either. Suffice it to say, it seems we are not paying attention to our evolution as a people. Families have become intertwined today across tribal and religious lines. Dissolving the union across any of these lines is tantamount to breaking families which is hardly possible. We have Muslims having Christian children and vice versa, Yoruba’s married to Igbos, Igbos married to Hausa and Hausa’s married to Yoruba. The best solution remains in looking past our differences and working together in unity to move this nation forward. Our problems are bigger than one of us but not bigger than all of us when we join hands together from every region to move Nigeria forward.

The Northern part of the country has been like a food basket of the nation, thriving so much in agricultural productivity, the Eastern part of the country thrives in innovative technology and hence the first homemade car has started earnestly in this region of the country, the Southern part holds the most important natural resource of the nation and has been a main stay for the nation after the nation’s agricultural boom, the Western part is the bedrock of the nation’s education which is a major key to the survival of any nation and hosts unarguably the best citadel’s of learning in the nation today. These strengths show interdependence as clearly one cannot be without the other even though there are many other strengths that each of these different regions hold. Nigerians must see the strength in their nation and these if well harnessed with appropriate synergy can make our nation become the greatest nation in the world in the near future.

Every Nigerian must take up the responsibility to put Nigeria first, the longer we take to unite and negotiate our collective destiny, the longer it would take for us to enjoy the prosperity that comes with unity. I still believe there are “pan-Nigerians” in the North that believe religion is not by compulsion and I believe there are also some in the South that believe the wealth in any part of Nigeria is the common wealth of all peoples of Nigeria. The lower class must realize that some in the political class, are happy when we are divided amongst ourselves, looting does not know the name of any party, tribe or religion. We must harness our strengths and let them speak louder than our differences, everyone must lend a voice to unite Nigeria. We must drop hate, bitterness, unforgiveness and every negativity that only leads to retrogression. In the immortal words of Martin Luther King Junior, “We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools”. We must do all it takes to quench the voice of the naysayers and reignite that “pan-Nigerian” spirit in our country to defend her unity and uphold her honor and glory so help us God.

On a final note, a word of advice to Mr. President on security as there have been some flashpoints for security concerns of recent, some groups campaigning to radicalize the people against the Nigerian state. We cannot allow this to fester but we must be careful not to make same mistake we made in nipping the Boko haram issue in the bud at the early stages. You do not uproot a tree by cutting the leaves but by taking out the root from the ground. The leaders of such radical groups take advantage of root problems of illiteracy, poverty, idleness and inequality. My advice Mr. President is that you do your best in desensitizing the populace, who are the foot soldiers and ready recruits for these bandits, the people must first see that the government is ready to ameliorate their sufferings and then leaders of such groups would have no recruits and can easily be taken down and tried by a court of competent jurisdiction.

May God bless Our Leaders

May God bless the people of Nigeria

May God bless Nigeria