Make up Your mind on Complaints

I have made up my mind to never complain about anything.I observed that complaints always see what should have been, what other people did wrong and makes me continue to believe how weak I am to change my situation. Loosers complain,winners believe and take action.

Complaints weakens and clouds every possibility. It’d rather see the one wrong around 999 possibilities. When the time to think and take action is used for complaints, failure is inevitable.
Instead of complain:
1) Ask questions about how to make things better
2) Think about,what are the possibilities of moving forward?
3) How am I working towards my goal or purpose?
4) What lessons can I learn and move on?
5) Be still, sometimes you really can’t do anything except be still (Ps. 46:10)
So, look for the possibilities and start moving forward.

Believe Always
God bless You dear friend



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