Monthly Archives: April 2015

As much as I believe leadership has some influence on people and with the new crop of leaders that just emerged in Nigeria, I still believe there is little to expect if citizens do not play their role.

One area I believe we must nurture now and harness strongly, is a generation standing out with BOLD IDEAS. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple,Windows etc etc are all BOLD IDEAS of American citizens and not the government.

Youths must learn to key themselves into packaging,branding,learning and relearning to generate BOLD IDEAS…it is possible,some in Nigeria are already raising their heads high in this regard and I believe many more can emerge.

This is the next generation,I hope to see in Nigeria..A generation with BOLD IDEAS…Nations don’t develop on politics but ideas

God bless Nigeria


I have made up my mind to never complain about anything.I observed that complaints always see what should have been, what other people did wrong and makes me continue to believe how weak I am to change my situation. Loosers complain,winners believe and take action.

Complaints weakens and clouds every possibility. It’d rather see the one wrong around 999 possibilities. When the time to think and take action is used for complaints, failure is inevitable.
Instead of complain:
1) Ask questions about how to make things better
2) Think about,what are the possibilities of moving forward?
3) How am I working towards my goal or purpose?
4) What lessons can I learn and move on?
5) Be still, sometimes you really can’t do anything except be still (Ps. 46:10)
So, look for the possibilities and start moving forward.

Believe Always
God bless You dear friend