ImageOnce upon a time, when we were primary school students, we wished we got into secondary school then that came and we had a new dream of becoming university students and later on to become graduates and the cycle just goes on and on. So also, the people we admire in our society today were once like us having hopes and dreaming having friends they discussed with and today they are at the top with their friends achieving dreams they once hoped for.

As you read this now, I know you got a lot of dreams in your head. It only takes time and you’d soon be there in that place that you are currently hoping for. As you hope, also move into taking action today. Mike Murdock once said “The secret to your future lies in your daily routine”. It only takes time before we’d be talking one day about the things we did now. On that day, would you be rejoicing or would you be regretting. It’s not only time that separates today from tomorrow, the work you put into today would also make a difference and determine how fast that tomorrow you always wanted would come. Imagine a boy that slept for maybe 24hrs while some other guy was reading and acquiring information for that same 24hrs of time. The first would wake up 24hrs later just being who he was before he went to bed except if maybe he gets a revelation in a dream which is most unlikely but the other becomes not just who he was before 24hrs but also “24hrs wiser” than the former boy. Time passes and we just age passively because we really can’t do anything about time but our growth and development towards our goals is an active process that we can do so much about now.
Sometimes we get weak because of our mistakes of yesterday or we get so carried away with fears of what tomorrow may bring or even just boasting about tomorrow. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to come but tomorrow would only manifest the strength you put into today. Put your best in today’s assignment, enough of the day dreaming and all the blame games, let us decide today to take responsibility for what we’d become tomorrow. The truth is, some may not believe in your dreams but let time be your defender. Prove that you have a dream by bringing it alive in reality. It takes time, it takes time but that’s still just some time away from now.

Words are simple but it takes a lot of strength to truly be patient because when you talk of time then you need patience. Times may come that could make you no longer believe in your goal but develop that inner strength of patience that would make you say “I must make it wisely!”. The great men you see around today had times when they started small. You are no longer where you used to be yesterday and you won’t be where you are now tomorrow. A point to ponder though, that you must make it does not mean you become too desperate to achieve success and start looking for short cuts. Short cuts only cut life short, no success happens by accident or is sudden; Success comes by wise planning, understanding and patience.

I encourage you to keep doing right, take the life one step at a time, be strong, be patient, keep fighting for that goal because if you really put your heart into it, you’d never quit so easily!!!

Action Step:

Make another step today towards achieving your goal and be patient till you see your goal accomplished.

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