An agent once contacted a very famous singer, ” I would like to invite you to a concert here in New York. You would sing with Elvis Presley and many other famous singers.” The famous singer jumps on the other side of the phone and shouts, “I will accept with only one condition.” “What would that be?” asks the agent. “Well, I have always competed against Elvis Presley. I have never beaten him. I would like to beat him this time. I would like to make one dollar more than he is making for this concert. If you refuse, I won’t do it.”

The agent excitedly says, “That should be no problem.” A week after the concert the famous singer gets his paycheck. He gets a one dollar paycheck. Elvis Presley was doing the concert for charity and was making no money. Beware of competing against the wrong crowd.

-Told by Dr. Robert Gilbert.
Success is not about being better than someone else but rather about being our best in what we do. A competitive spirit could usually graduate into jealousy. Most times, we could perform below our best when we compete with the wrong crowd or we could develop inferiority complex or a low self esteem when another person’s success becomes our standard to measure success.

What if the lion thinks that making of cow milk is what success is, it would definitely try and try but never achieve success. We only need to learn from and be happy with/for those that have achieved success in their own areas and then we could apply the lessons to our own path. Success is personal and life would become easier and a lot better when we can understand that we run our own race and only seek for ways to be better than ourselves. Set your goals not limiting yourself based on what others could not achieve, you are unique and you can achieve your set goal even if no one ever did it. So, do not let history write your story. Only learn from history and rewrite history with your story. It doesn’t matter whether someone else has done it better than you, don’t be discouraged because its not how long it takes you that matters but whether you conquer your own mountain. Activate that success in you and bring your mountains down because your success is personal. The only person you must try to do better than is the person you were yesterday.

 Action Step:

Check for areas in your life where you have felt inferior because of other people’s success or areas where you have limited yourself because of other people’s failure. Put in your best in all you do today.


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