The first key to open any room of success is DECISION. Indecision in itself is a very costly decision. Life is a pursuit; when you’re clear about what you want then nothing could be more easy to get. Before anyone decides to open a door, they first decide they want to open the door. So it is with success, we must be sure and decide on what we want to achieve in life. It is not enough to just take the life as it comes to you everyday. Be clear about what you want in life. A lot of people do not stand for anything today that’s why they are satisfied with anything and hence they keep relaxing in their comfort zone, Wise men decide what they want and develop that inner strength to go all out for it with wisdom.
After taking the decision about what you want to get from any task you find yourself doing then you go to the next level. Imagine a student that wants to make good grades but all he/she ever thought about was how bad he was academically, he always saw his studies as difficult but never decided he wanted to succeed. Success does not come by mistake, success is first a matter of decision.

The second D of success is DETERMINATION. Determination shows an inner burning desire to achieve the decisions or the goals we’ve set before us. From the desire comes the ability. When we are determined to achieve those results we’ve set before us then we must be willing to give the work required to achieve that result. Determination is not a matter of strength but a matter of you putting your heart into what you do to achieve your goal. Many people just move around the place with all their strength without really putting their heart into what they do to achieve their goal. With determination, you see that goal as achievable and put your heart to do the work required to achieve your set goal.

The third D for success is DILIGENCE. Diligence involves hardwork done with discipline consistently. Your success tomorrow would not come because of some work you did some time ago and now stopped but work done consistently with due diligence would surely put you on a pedestal for excellence.
Take the DECISION, be DETERMINED to achieve it and with due DILIGENCE, the sky is just a springboard into greater heights. Hence the simple formula for success would be:

Remember, success without a God-factor is mere fables. Connect with your God and your work would surely be crowned with success.

Action step:
Be clear about what you want from life today, be determined to achieve it and be diligent to achieve it.

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